About us

Federation of Rajasthan Event Managers (FoREM) is an association of the event managers, for the event managers & by the event managers. It is the first organization of its kind which seeks to bring together the leading and developing event companies of Rajasthan on a single platform working in a fabulous environment, progressing day by day. FoREM is the only regional association with a unified voice that leads its dialogue within its members and has successfully brought the various verticals of the event industry like Hotels, Travel & Hospitality together to create a professional working atmosphere. It is a democratic organization, in which the pioneer event managers of Rajasthan have come together to nurture & protect the rights & duties of the event managers as well as development of the event management industry as a whole.

FoREM represents the event management industry of Rajasthan in front of government & non- government organizations, national & international business development organizations & bodies, law, private firms, individual clients, clubs & other social bodies like hotels, travel & MICE, etc. As in any other industry, the event management industry also faces challenges in the field of work with various vendors & associates. FoREM determines to solve the issues peacefully & systematically by organizing meetings & conferences of the associates, channel partners, suppliers & vendors and the various other parties involved. It organizes meeting, workshops & trainings regularly to keep up the enthusiasm of the members & associates to work upon the various issues related to the need of the hour.

What we do on MeetOn?

  • Business Rearch for Marketing
  • Event Strategy Planning
  • Set Business Meetings & Events
  • Learning Courses for Beginners
  • Trainee for talented Speakers

Our Great Events

Jonathan Franco
Public Speaker
Jack Hemswire
Business Speaker
Susanne Grining
Franklin Owein
Speech Trainer